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How to Style Kawaii Aesthetic Fashion

by In Control 17 Apr 2022 0 Comments

How to Style Kawaii Aesthetic Fashion 

If you love all things bright, cute, and candy-colored, you need kawaii fashion in your life. The word "Kawaii" comes from the word "cute" in Japanese. The kawaii aesthetic is a fun-filled style that is perfect for those who love to express their vibrant personalities with every chance they get.

Fortunately, In Control Clothing allows you to do just that, featuring an extensive collection of adorable, size inclusive,  unique apparel and accessories that will encourage you to embrace your inner child. Continue reading to learn more about how you can incorporate some of our favorite kawaii clothing and accessories into your wardrobe and inject more color into your everyday life.

How to Style Kawaii Accessories

Kawaii Accessories

It’s no secret that accessories are an important part of any look; they help elevate your outfit and provide a simple, convenient way to showcase   your personality. 
 Kawaii accessories are no exception - adding   them to your outfit amps the cuteness factor.  For example, our Kawaii Magic Star Earrings are handmade, featuring vibrant colors that complement the animated aesthetic, including purple, pink, and yellow. The best part of kawaii fashion? There are no rules. In fact, the more you stand out, the better. Purchase multiple pairs and wear mixed colors to reinforce your unique style.

How to Style Kawaii Crop Tops

Kawaii Crop Tops
 Crop tops are a fashion staple for many women - and for good reason! They’re versatile, comfortable, and uber-cute. The same applies to kawaii fashion. Our aptly named Precious Moon Crop Top comes in a stunning lilac shade that can be seen from miles away. The sheer sleeves and shoulders also feature dainty, holographic stars and crescent moons, making this crop top an otherworldly design you need in your collection. Pair it with a mini pleated skirt and thigh-high socks to secure your style status. You can also layer it under an oversized cardigan or bomber jacket when it’s cold out.

How to Style Kawaii Swimsuit

Who says kawaii fashion had to be reserved for land? At In Control Clothing, we strive to give you opportunities to showcase your original style wherever you go. Our Angelic Sky One Piece Women's Swimsuit is the perfect reflection of that.
This swimsuit features an eye-catching design - fluffy white clouds float in a pastel-colored sky among the moon and stars. The flattering square neckline and racerback style give an athletic look to this fantasy-filled swim piece, making it a must-have for those of you who lead active lifestyles. Pair this swimsuit with fun accessories and strappy sandals to complete your ultra-adorable, beach-ready outfit.


Kawaii Fashion is perfect for those who are unafraid to be uniquely themselves. If you’re ready to embrace your most authentic self, shop more of our Kawaii Aesthetic Fashion and fill your closet with colorful apparel that never fails to make a statement.
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